Fiduciaire DynaDev SA
Accounting and administration


Too many companies still consider that accounting is just a legal and tax obligation. In neglecting this subject, they go without an essential management tool.

An up-to-date bookkeeping, with eventually an analytical coding of the transactions, allows at any time:
» To control the profitability of the company
» To improve cash management
» To facilitate the preparation of the budget and of the financial reports.
Several companies entrust us the complete holding of their accounting, on their computer system or on ours. Other customers book themselves the transactions, but ask us to intervene periodically for controls and to prepare the intermediate or final closings of their accounts.

Our intervention usually brings a significant reduction of the cost of bookkeeping.


In addition to the accounting, many clients ask us:
» To manage payroll and social security
» To follow-up on insurance matters
» To take care of their tax file (corporate taxes, VAT and other taxes)