Fiduciaire DynaDev SA
Frequently asked questions

Do standard rates and tariffs exist for the work of a Fiduciaire?
No; the Swiss rules on competition and free trade forbid standard or recommended prices for a branch of activity. The prices depend on the size, the location, the organization and the experience of each Fiduciaire.

Is it necessary to have a written contract with one's Fiduciaire ?
No; a contract of mandate can be oral; this is especially true for "standard" activities such as the preparation of tax returns or for bookkeeping. If the mandate is more complex, it is recommended to put its terms and conditions in writing.

Is it possible to agree on an "all included fixed fee" for a mandate ?
In principle, yes, but we do not like this system. We usually invoice our services on the basis of the time actually spent, within the limits of a budget agreed in advance. This way is on our opinion more fair and more transparent.

Is it better to do the bookkeeping internally or to outsource it to a Fiduciaire ?
Usually, a small company or a freelancer that generates relatively few clients invoices will save money if its bookkeeping is outsourced. In this case, we do your accounting in our office using our computers and software. If you generate a significant number of clients invoices, (many per day), it will be more advantageous for you to buy an invoicing system that can be linked with your accounting and with the management of receivables.

Which accounting software should you use ?
Many solutions exist; we sell our own software. Many amongst our clients use the Cresus software package; this is a good product for freelancers and small companies. We can assist you installing and configuring it. If your company is registered in the trade register, your accounting must be kept in the "commercial format"; we strongly recommend you use an adequate software; we believe Excel and similar tools are not appropriate to keep accounts "in the commercial format".